Let the sunshine in

dog asleep on a comfortable blanket

Hey, it’s OK …

If you feel bummed out right now. Or bored. Or lonely. Maybe you feel anxious, unmotivated or even a little afraid. If everyone around you seems to be jumping at each new opportunity to better themselves, tackling a laundry list of neglected house or life projects, and all you can do is get through each day with your family … that’s OK, too. 

We’re all feeling all the feelings

Through it all, remember that the negative moods that sneak up during this limbo phase of life don’t have to be the ones that stick. So yes, give yourself grace. Do what you need to do to get yourself and your family through this. Totally escape sometimes by bingewatching your favorite show or taking a crazy-long nap.

But look for opportunities to smile throughout the day. Try to find joy in the midst of uncertainty. Look for beauty in unexpected places. And most of all, be a friend to those who need one. 

When life throws a curveball — and this is one heckuva curve ball — it can reveal all sorts of uncertainty. Knock it out of the park by reaching out to someone who helps you see beauty in the bleak, find laughter in the dull or feel calm in the storm. And if you don’t have a person like that in your life now, try becoming that person for someone else. Either way, you’re sure to feel better.  

Here are a few more ideas for finding joy in limbo:

Find a new way to connect

“Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.”

Ed Cunningham

For all you kids of the ’80s and older: Remember what it was like to linger on the phone (sometimes for hours!) with a friend you’d just spent the entire day with at school? Or a crush you wanted to get to know better? Next time you check in on a friend, trade the quick text or DM for an actual call. Or kick it into the 21st century and reach out via Facetime. It’s a simple but really effective way to lift your spirits — and theirs, too.

One of the benefits of life in 2020 is that you can actually see the person you’re talking to now, no matter how much distance actually separates you. Funny how something we largely take for granted becomes a lifeline when we need it!  

Spend some time in the actual sunshine

Go outside and breathe in the fresh air for at least 20 minutes per day, even if it’s just to sit and sip on your front porch. For bonus points, get some exercise by taking a long walk through the neighborhood or on nearby trails (staying 6 feet from anyone else, of course), going for a leisurely bike ride or doing some lowkey backyard yoga.

Man jogging alone on a dirt path

Do what makes you happy

Want to get all dressed up, heels to pearls, even if you have no plans to leave the house? Go ahead! Want to spend all day Saturday vegging out on cartoons with your kids? Do it! Look for little opportunities to take control of your own happiness, even in the smallest ways. When the world feels a bit out of control, there’s real comfort to be found in making choices for yourself — even if they mean accomplishing less for the day, but feeling better all around.

Mother and son playing inside on the couch

It’s OK to feel bad sometimes — just be sure to feel good, too

Many people are experiencing real hardship, illness and isolation right now, and we know that not every problem can be solved with a positive attitude. We’re in the middle of a very challenging time — but we’re all in this together. Whether you need a bit of sunshine or you have extra to spare, reach out. Because the surest remedy for feeling bored, lonely or uncertain is something we all have to offer: friendship.

*Adapted from scentsyblog.com

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