Love Stinks: How to Cope When your Favorite Products are Discontinued

Sometimes life is hard


There is so much to look forward to each time we release a new Scentsy catalog. NEW fragrances! NEW Warmers and Diffusers! NEW lotions, potions and soaps! But for all of the excitement and anticipation, we know there is also a bit of (sob!) disappointment as sad Scentsy fans mourn the departure of their beloved fragrances. It’s something we call “discontinuance.” With every new fragrance comes the loss of another. Think of it as the Scentsy circle of life. Even when the most beautiful scents are involved, sometimes love just stinks.

Truth: We LOVE how much you love your favorite fragrances. It makes our hearts happy! And we get ZERO satisfaction in discontinuing the scents you really love.

“We put a ton of love into each and every fragrance. And we mourn their loss, too.”

So how do we decide which fragrances stay and which go?

We start by looking at how every fragrance performs from a sales perspective. Then we narrow our focus to collections within the Scentsy line.

Consider seasonal fragrances: Scents like Autumn Sunset and Christmas Cottage are more desirable in the colder months, while Paradise Punch is best served in summer. If we put Paradise Punch in the Fall/Winter Catalog, there’s about zero interest in it, so we’re not giving it its best shot to perform. These fragrances are often temporarily removed from catalog, shelved until the next season rolls around.

So if you’re stressing about the loss of a fragrance from our Fall & Winter, Holiday or Spring & Summer collections, rest easy! You might just have to wait a few months to get it back.

Out with the old, in with the NEW

We’ve already been working on new fragrances for more than a year before you see them in a catalog. We look for gaps in our current line — maybe we don’t have a strong apple scent, or we want to capitalize on a new trend — and we develop scents to fill them.

Once we decide on our new fragrances each season, we determine which fragrances are the lowest-performing by collection — and those scents are discontinued.

Ultimately, Scentsy fans control which fragrances stay and which ones go. If you aren’t buying them, Scentsy Consultants aren’t selling them!

Tell me there’s SOME hope

Here’s your silver lining: Often when we discontinue a fragrance, it’s because we have something even better to take its place. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

And if your heart still longs for a long-lost scent, we want to hear about it. We do special promotions each year to collect your votes and bring back retired fragrances for a limited time. It’s a win-win: You get to stock up on the scents you’ve been missing, and we get to feel good about bringing you back together!

Most importantly, now we offer the Scentsy Club!

Scentsy club lets you schedule regular shipments of Scentsy consumables (aka the stuff that runs out) right to your door, so you get it before disaster strikes.

What does it cost to be a Scentsy Club member?

Nothing! There are no fees to join the Scentsy Club subscription program, and there are no minimum or maximum purchase requirements. You pay only for the products you order, plus any applicable tax and shipping charge.

What is Always Get My Bar?

This is one of our most popular perks, exclusive to Scentsy Club subscribers. Throughout the year, Scentsy Bars are discontinued to make room for new ones. With Always Get My Bar, there’s no need to worry about losing a favorite fragrance for good. If we discontinue a bar that’s in your subscription, we’ll keep making it for you (as long as you keep it in your subscription)! This even applies to Scent of the Month Scentsy Bars, Wax Collections and Bring Back My Bar fragrances.

Contact me for more questions or information.

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