Don’t Break my Heart, Say You’ll Love Me Again

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Rediscover Fragrance

I used to love candles. I loved expensive candles. I loved homemade candles. And I loved candles as gifts the most.

Or, truthfully, I loved how the scent would take me away.

I loved waking up early on a Saturday morning, turning on my favorite Sam Cooke or Al Green playlist, and get ready to go into “clean the house” mode.

But my love was not based on a deep understanding of scents and how they affect our lives. Life has a way of distracting, disappointing, and dulling.

My youngest daughter suffers from asthma and allergies and we came to the realization with the help of her allergist that my beloved candles were triggering her allergies.

I could see the issues with my candles and I was devastated.

I had a hard time looking at candles the same way again.

Because of this, I found myself without not being able to set the mood for far too long. I missed having clean day smell like my favorite scent instead of bleach. I missed having a candlelit bath. Fortunately, I decided to search for an alternative. I decided I was going to make my own candles that didn’t burn.

Epic. Fail.

I had a new perspective but I still didn’t have a new product. Then my younger sister asked me a question that would forever change my life. Okay maybe not my life but I surely was able to get my scented Saturday mornings back.

Want to know the question she asked?

I’m the Aroma Specialist now. So check me out on Instagram or FaceBook as I rediscover my love for everything aroma, scents, and joy. I will be offering tips, tricks, and specials. I need you. And you need me. Let’s fall back in love together.

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