Quote Me

Doing what you love should be effortless.

Shontelle Nicole

I totally feel like someone special now. I wonder if one day my quote will be Googled…

I’m starting a new journey in life (actually a few) but I will get into that later. I want to hold myself accountable so I’m creating this new blog from scratch. No more Nicolebitesthebiscuit.com

I’ll still cook and share recipes but I really want to focus on some of the things that I enjoy in life.

Coffee, Autumn leaves, home decor, travel, family, pets. Wow, so much to enjoy. I’ll narrow the posts down – I promise.

With that said I just wanted to inform all my wonderful readers that I’m in the process of transferring the recipes and stories from Nicole Bites The Biscuit over to MyScentJoy.com

Feel free to message me if there are any particular recipes that you need ASAP. I’ll make sure to post those first.

Welcome to My Scent Joy.

Shon Nicole