Introducing Scentsy Pets!

The newest Scentsy category is PAWS-itively amazing!

Because your best friends deserve the best, and you deserve fragrant cuddles, we’ve created our new Scentsy Pets line of products!

There’s nothing like the goofy-eyed, unconditional love and companionship of a pet.

Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or you prefer fish, hamsters, horses, birds – or something completely off the domesticated animal spectrum – pets are part of the family and deserve extra TLC now and then.

About 85 million families in the U.S. have at least one pet, but dog owners outnumber cat owners by about 27%. So, dogs really do rule!

All Scentsy Pet fragrances are GRAS, which is an FDA standard that means Generally Recognized as Safe. the GRAS designation leaves no doubt that these products are gentle enough for your pets. They’re worry-free!

Round out your pet’s cleaning routine with a thorough brushing and belly rub. It doesn’t take long to show your pet how much you care, so make a habit of scratching kitty’s ears or patting your dog on the back each time you pass by each other at home. It’s the little things that add up to a whole lotta love!

Get ready to howl and meow about these ultra-gentle, uber-effective new products.

All Scentsy Pets products are available in three mild, pet-friendly fragrances that are exclusive to the Pets line:

Oatmeal & Aloe: This mellow mix of oatmeal, aloe and delicate almond blossom will soothe the senses (and the soul).

Honey & Chamomile: Honey and vanilla brighten up chamomile for a fragrance that’s as sweet as a sunny day.  

Orange Zest & Nectar: Tangy orange zest and sweet nectar are softened by subtle waves of white grain.  

Here’s the lineup:

  • Best Bud Suds Pet Shampoo
    This sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo includes aloe, sunflower oil and colloidal oatmeal to gently cleanse and condition your pet.
  • Freshen Up Pup Dog Deodorizing Spray
    Does your furry friend get stinky between baths? Use this deodorizing spray to neutralize odors, condition the coat and skin, and refresh your dog with Scentsy Fragrances.
Our Promise
Your pet’s safety is our primary concern, and that’s why our products are formulated with gentle ingredients to pamper those furry friends. Here’s more about what sets this collection apart:
100% vegan
Made with mild, pet-safe fragrances
Made in Idaho, USA

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